Social Networking

Social Networking

Social Networking is second nature to most people from the age of eleven upwards and is becoming an avenue greatly explored in the business sector.

We see Social Networking as a great way of getting yourself or your business known to a larger audience. It is an easy way of making yourself 'worldwide'.

The use of networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter demonstrates that your business is current, newsworthy and a possible resource to others.

Keeping your networking sites updated is a must. If months pass and your page becomes lacking in information it can lead to negative responses.

The tone in which you update your sites has to have a balance though, says critics, between 'friendly' and 'professional' if you are writing for a company.

Relevant news and offering people 'free advice' will win you favours but being pushy with new products and going for the 'hard sell' will soon lose you friends.

We can integrate all Social Networks into your main website allowing you to create your own mini network of friends, followers, clients and colleagues!

Such websites as Facebook allow you to advertise on their site. This is not free but can be successful by focusing on the democratic you wish to work with.

Facebook Ads reach over 500 million people. Target your audience, promote your business visually and control your budget with either CPC or CPM.

To find out more about the Social Networking projects that we have undertaken so far, get in contact today on 01425 270548.

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