Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Most experts agree that the majority of searches worldwide are done on Google therefore our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) focus is on Google.

We only do honest SEO as this has genuine long term value for your business. Researching, reviewing and updating is vital to keep your SEO staying fresh.

Our Natural Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will always win your business favours without having to spend a lot of money due to our SEO techniques.

The Meta Title is the top line of a search result and is the short page title. The Meta Description is the two line description under a Meta Title. 

Keywords are hidden but Google reads them to identify how relevant the content is on a specific page for the person searching.

Using keyword heavy text and Search Engine Optimisation should relate to a person's search phrase, helping your business be found by the right people.

Meta Title, Meta Description and Keywords plus keyword heavy text - this is the format that we use to successfully Search Engine Optimise all websites.

An ongoing schedule of updating the Meta Title, Meta Description and Keywords is relevant to search engines and beneficial to your Google Ranking.

We recommend keeping records of the search phrases you wish to come up for, scoring your Search Engine results. We've been impressed by it ourselves.

We understand that SEO is not an easy thing to achieve but dedication to keeping your business up on Google is a challenge we're ready to take on.

To find out more about the Search Engine Optimisation projects that we have undertaken so far, get in contact today on 01425 270548.

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