Email Marketing & CRMs

Email Marketing & CRMs

At Blue Ride Media we believe that Email Marketing Campaigns are an absolute must for a business with an up to date and sizeable client database.

Our HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) Emails allow our design team to create attractive, visual and typographical messages - impactful to your clients!

Emailers allow your business to direct messages at the people most interested. Promoting latest offers or products whilst increasing your brand awareness.

Emailing your clientele is a powerful tool as most people whether at work or home, if opted in, will check their email inboxes at least once a day.

From experience of working with clients we know our Email Marketing has increased sales tenfold. Well designed and developed emailers are golden!

We have proof of Email Campaigns that have successfully created income for our clients when their day-to-day sales are at their lowest during the year.

Email Marketing can also be used to acquire new clients as well as persuading existing clients to use your business again - and promptly too!

We only use Opt-In Email Marketing as a method of sending emails. This overcomes the disadvantages of Email Marketing that some might say exist.

Email Marketing is beneficial to you as you can see an exact Return On Investment. This can be very successful if done properly.

We have also developed CRM Systems. CRM Systems allow companies to profile their clients, making the emails they send them appropriate.

Our CRM Systems are bespoke. Clients tell us what they want to learn about their clients and we build the fields to match their criteria.

To find out more about the Email Marketing Campaign projects that we have undertaken so far, get in contact today on 01425 270548.

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