Micro Site Design

Micro Site Design

It is all well and good having one website, but have you considered ten? Microsites are a great way to dilute your business name across the web.

Microsites help you dominate Search Engines for results you would ideally appear for by using specific domain names instead of your company name.

Microsites are an effective tool for aiming specific products at specific people by assuming what search phrases they will use to research your specialism.

Using targeted language and Search Engine Optimisation a Microsite can sometimes be more likely to appear higher than your main company website.

Microsites can lead into your main business website, which is also good for your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) through the use of inbound links.

We have taken on a lot of Microsites to help various companies' SEO - all have been successful, sometimes more successful than the client's main site.

Microsites can be made up of a number of pages. However, our one page web designs / landing pages have been just as effective as larger sites.

Micro Sites can be used for editorial or commercial purposes but either way they are an affordable website solution with a quick turn around time.

To find out more about the Microsite projects that we have undertaken so far, get in contact today on 01425 270548.

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