Website Development

Website Development

It is widely thought that Website Design and Website Development are the same thing - they most definitely are not.

Known as markup or coding, Web Development is the back end programming to control how a website works. Web Design is the front end of a website.

To develop a website we use a combination of these programming languages:

-  PHP                 -  MySQL                 -  CSS                

-  XHTML            -  Javascript            -  XML

When using any of the above languages we make sure that we keep inline with W3C web standards which in turn makes our websites fully accessible.

The professional and current way in which we code our websites means it is very beneficial to your 'Search Engine Potential'.

This is because Search Engines 'spider' websites looking for relevant content which they will find easily on websites that we build.

We offer technical website development as a stand alone service - supply us with a design and we will code your website professionally from scratch.

Or, if you are a design agency without an in-house developer we can supply our technical website development services at trade.

We design and develop Business to Business Websites and Business to Consumer Websites - the importance in realising who you are talking to is key.

To find out more about the Website Development projects that we have undertaken so far, get in contact today on 01425 270548.

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