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Online Directory Design & Development - 16.06.2011

In recent months we have been designing and developing online directories. Within varying industries we have found that the design and development of online directories is something that people will definitely invest in if… Read more

Crazywater E-Commerce Website - Goes Live - 01.06.2011

Today, we are very happy to announce that the long awaited 'going live' of the new Crazywater e-commerce website has happened and we are all extremely pleased with the final result. The website is bursting… Read more

Blue Ride Media Update - 26.05.2011

I was both amazed and shocked to see that I have not written any news since the middle of April and it is now nearing the end of May! We really have been busy… Read more

Crazywater Website Progress - 18.04.2011

Mid January the new owners of Crazywater, a watersports shop in Highcliffe, Dorset approached Blue Ride Media for a brand new e-commerce website. The end is now in sight. After a gruelling few months of… Read more

FRC International Website Won - 08.04.2011

FRC International supports the operation and training of Fast Response Craft (FRC) personnel.FRC International recognises the growing need for professional and commercial maritime operators, including first responders, to be interoperable with other agencies and… Read more

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