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Matt Haynes' Personal Trainer - Goes Live - 22.07.2011

Matt Haynes' Personal Trainer website has gone live today! We are very happy with the website that sees Matt use the internet for the first time to advertise himself as a qualified personal trainer… Read more

Blue Ride Media Blog - 18.07.2011

Eighteen months after the ‘birth’ of Blue Ride Media, we finally feel we’ve got the knowledge of what makes for an interesting blog so welcome to our first post: I will look to post… Read more

Namemark Ecommerce Website - 14.07.2011

Namemark has been a client of Blue Ride Media's from the very beginning. The ecommerce website went live well over a year ago and even though we have continuously designed, developed and managed their… Read more

Matt Haynes' Personal Trainer Website Progress - 11.07.2011

At the end of January we won the first ever website design and development project for Matt Haynes, a local Personal Trainer working in the Christchurch / Bournemouth area. The website looks set to go… Read more

Google SEO Report Card - 04.07.2011

This morning I started by Googling Blue Ride Media SEO results, as I do most Mondays - and as always, I was very happy with the results - our best to date! I then thought… Read more

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