Redesigns Galore!

'Users Not Customers' by Aaron Shapiro is about the 'bigger picture' of creating a successful website. It looks at why people come to your website and if they will become a paying customer. Through reading this book it would seem users are more important than those who buy. Yes, you need orders but the larger your audience (whether they personally buy or not) means that with recommendations and the like, your users are likely to direct other people to your website.

The way to gain users is to make sure of the following things:

-  Have an informative website. Give content away for free. People use the internet to learn new things so providing them with relevant information is key

-  Good Google ranking. Obvious, but without it people will not find your site in between the 'big players' and people that can afford to buy advertising

-  Keep your site updated. Visually updating your site; adding features and useful tools for your users means it is likely they will remember it as a resource

-  Social networking is fundamental. Spreading the word through Facebook and Twitter is free and easy. Your competitor's will be doing it if you don't.

We are currently redesigning the following: Crazywater are updating their Surf Report page and integrating Facebook; FRC have decided on a new look following their success in early 2012 and the Shock Mitigation Directory is learning that creating an online community for its clients is critical.

I highly recommend Aaron's book and believe that you will certainly be both surprised and amazed at the success of certain businesses just through their vision of gaining users, not customers.

Thanks, Siobhan - Web Designer & Business Development

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Redesigns Galore!


'Users Not Customers' by Aaron Shapiro is about the 'bigger picture' of creating a successful…

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