About Blue Ride Media - Web Design & Marketing in Bournemouth

The Blue Ride Media team is made up of skilled website designers and website developers with experience in all aspects of online marketing.

Julie deals with front end design and is the main web designer at Blue Ride Media. She also deals with in-house and client business development.

Claire specialises in coding and is the main web developer at Blue Ride Media. She is technically capable of creating both basic and e-commerce websites.

The team's expertise come together to create high quality, professional and cost effective online marketing strategies for companies of all sizes.

At Blue Ride Media we believe that functional, usable and attractive Web Design is the most effective way for you to reach your customers.

Our Website Development always meets W3C Standards to make sure that as much of a user friendly experience is had by your website audience.

Our use of Search Engine Optimisation and Email Marketing are tried and tested solutions for putting your business in front of the desired people.

We have developed our very own bespoke Content Management System that allows you instant access to your website content for easy updatability.

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